Eleanor again

John Ashdown-Hill’s Eleanor, the Secret Queen was first published in 2009, detailing Lady Eleanor Talbot’s family and early life, the circumstances in which she married Edward IV, her similarities to his mistress Elizabeth Woodville (they were dark haired, older and widows of Lancastrian-inclined men), canon law and how it affected Edward’s relationships and children together with the Clarence attainder, Stillington’s translation to Bath and Wells in 1461, his imprisonment and Titulus Regius 1484. Then it described the attempted cover-up of Titulus Regius (before a copy emerged through Buck), Catesby’s execution, More’s attempt to write another lady into the story, Chapuys’ knowledge of the case and the emergence of remains that may be Lady Eleanor in Norwich, judged by her age, status and the dental evidence. It proved the marriage almost completely to the satisfaction of most open minds.Eleanor

Seven years later, it has been reissued in paperback with even more evidence. We can now know, with confidence, exactly where and when Edward married Lady Eleanor. Our attention is additionally drawn to the circumstances of her death and the arrest of two of her sister’s servants a few weeks later, such that there are reports of their executions, whilst the discovery of Richard III’s skeleton leads to further deductions about the dental evidence in Norwich. The case for the 1461 marriage is now proven, even if her corpse cannot yet be conclusively identified.

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We’re getting more and more of the seedier side of Grandma Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State during Obama’s first term. Thanks to Judicial Watch! This scheme of hers and Slick Willie, which now gives every appearance of being about “pay-for-play,” solicited donations from foreign big-shots in exchange for access to the boss of American foreign policy.

And, remember, if we’re to believe Julian The Great Assange, Wikileaks has a ‘October Surprise’ on its way.

To assess the legality of this shady business still seems a bit premature. For now, it’s the national security implications that should be fostering a need for serious discussion, and  questioning. It’s a big deal when the person who potentially could be our next president has sold access to foreign bidders before taking the oath of office. It’s especially worrisome when some of those foreigners are in Moscow.

Donald John Trump, as we already know, possesses unsavory Russian ties. Plus, an outward appearance of a ‘bromance’ with Comrade Putin.

Just as serious is how the Kremlin has forged links with both presidential candidates this year. So, NO matter who wins on Tuesday, November 8th, Comrade Putin will too.

But, Grandma H possesses Moscow links that merit the closer investigation. And, the clock is running! 74 days, and counting.

There have been numerous revelations to the fact that Russia’s biggest bank uses The Podesta Group as its lobbyist in Washington, D.C. Though hardly a household name, this firm is well known inside the Beltway, NOT least because its CEO is Tony Podesta, one of the best-connected Democratic shakers in the country. He founded the firm in 1998 with his brother John, formerly chief of staff to President Bill Clinton, then counselor to President Barack Obama, Mr. Podesta is the very definition of a Democratic insider. Feel like a shower? Outsiders engage the Podestas and their well-connected lobbying firm to improve their image, and get access to Democratic bigwigs.

Whoa, Nellie…

Which is exactly what Sberbank, Russia’s biggest financial institution, did this spring. At  the end of March, the Podesta Group registered with the U.S. Government as a lobbyist for Sberbank, as required by law, naming three Podesta Group staffers: Tony Podesta, plus Stephen Rademaker and David Adams, the last two former assistant secretaries of state. You bet they were. ALL perfectly legal in every respect! However, it should be noted, Tony Podesta is a big-money bundler for the Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton presidential campaign, while his brother John is the chairman of that campaign, the chief architect of her plans to take the White House this November.

Dots connecting to dots, aunts and uncles.

Recent revelations indicate that Grandma Hillary’s dubious Kremlin ties go far deeper. A new report by Peter Schweizer (Government Accountability Institute), who’s spent years investigating the dubious and convoluted finances of Clinton, Inc., raises troubling questions about just how deep Grandma’s Moscow’s ties are, and whom exactly they’re with.

Schweizer shows that John Podesta sat on the board of a Dutch-registered company that took $35 million from the Kremlin. The company was a transparent Russian front, and how much Podesta was compensated, and for what – is unclear. Of course! In addition, Podesta failed to disclose his position on that board to the Federal government, as required by law.

Here’s the best part of ALL this crap…

Clinton, Inc. profiting from the Russian “reset” was one of the big achievements of Mrs. Clinton’s tenure at the State Department. Never mind that the reset was a disaster, culminating in Kremlin aggression against Ukraine. Hillary Clinton’s signature program at the State Department ended in unambiguous failure. Yet Clinton, Inc. did very well out of the temporary warming of relations with Moscow.

As part of the reset, Hillary encouraged and enabled American and European investment in Russia, particularly in high-tech firms. A key role was played by the Skolkovo Innovation Center, a sprawling complex in Moscow’s western suburbs that was established in 2009, as Russia’s answer to Silicon Valley. With encouragement from the State Department, American companies jumped aboard. Cisco pledged $1 billion of investment in Skolkovo in 2010, and Google and Intel quickly joined the bandwagon. ALL three “just happened” to be major investors in the Clinton Foundation too.

With these sorts of arrangements, paying Grandma H a fee of $675,000 for a 45 minute speech is like paying for a quarterpounder with cheese, at the golden arches.

Here’s Schweizer’s report…


Selfies from San Diego by Dinda and Her Grandson

Selfies from San Diego by Dinda and Her Grandson

Sitting at Petco in San Diego, watching the Cubs versus the Padres, in the wrong seats. Suddenly a gaggle of young women appear to take rightful ownership and we move on, deciding to stay where we are, but several rows further back. But my eyes are on the girls, one in particular, who is flinging her hair this way and that, posing with a beer, or mugging for her shot. I am fascinated by her demeanour, a black lacy bra barely covered by a loose grey topper and her continual pony tail clips removed or repositioned as she rearranges her blond- black carefully composed hair. She does not raise her eyes to the game. She has only eyes for herself. We’re watching Anthony Rizzo. I’m teasing my grandson that Rizzo’s specialty is rice, as in Anthony Risotto. So I suggest he should be a chef, not heating up the home plate, but one at a fancy restaurant. 

But back to selfies.I recall selfie sticks have been banned in Disneyland, yet I’m quite sure that we observed a few people using selfie sticks, obviously ignoring the ban. Perhaps the officials at Disney worried that someone might chase Goofy or hit Mickey on the head with one. 

This preoccupation with selfies puzzles me. Once in an art gallery viewing the Van Gogh Irises, young people gather – not to look but to pose in front of the million/ billion dollar picture. Again I’m not sure why. Are they thinking: Intelligent Me with famous picture! 🤓Sporty Me at baseball game⚾? Excited me with the presidential hopeful😀? Are these pictures posted elsewhere to show what a wonderful life the selfie taker leads? But truthfully, there is no real interaction between the person and the location.The background is merely landscape for a “kinda portrait: a portrait for posting that forgets the reason for the pose.  

Why not then just stay home and take a picture in one’s home? At least a person lives in their house and dresses and eats and sleeps there so they can be camera ready, having interacted within the actual space with which they are familiar. 

In terms of the Irises. The selfie- takers blocked the way of the real art lovers who wanted to think about and truly look at the picture. When asked to- at least- move off to the side of the painting, they stood firm,attempting to find the right focal point that included both themselves and the famous work of art. 

I ask my grandson, “Why do people do this?” He tells me that if there was an app, then we could substitute different locations without having to visit a particular place and take a selfie there. Then there could be backdrops of the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower, baseball games or even skiing in the Alps⛷.He continues, “Why buy a selfie stick, if you could just ask a passerby to take a picture of you or just extend your own arm to take a shot?” 

Maybe our digital life is better than a real one? Again my grandson, aged 7, suggests that if your life in photos is better than actual life that maybe selfies will enhance and make your life better. However, increasing your digital life might actually cause your real life to be worse because you do not talk, look or enjoy what you are doing.Therefore, these shots really make your life worse, depending if you spend all your time taking these selfies. My grandson allows that if you are an occasional selfie taker, this does not apply to you.  

Fortunately when we visited the USS Midway, he actually met a pilot who had flown one of the planes on board that gigantic ship. He interviewed the man and enjoyed an illuminating conversation. Had he been busy only asking the man to merely pose, the interchange would have been lost. Not an anonymous picture of an old guy in an uniform, but now my grandson has a memory locked in his head to treasure in his mind’s eye forever :a real moment, not a digital stamp that has lost its value as soon as the camera or cell phone stopped its snap . Sometimes you forget about pictures you take and the selfie retains no value at all, lost among so many others. 

My grandson reminds me that at the zoo he overhears people cooing, “ Interesting, interesting, ME at the zoo.”But are they watching the giraffes reaching towards the fresh food? Are they noticing that the furry balls of koalas are snoring?Did they see the restless polar bears waiting for a cool room so they could escape the warm weather? I don’t think so.  

Even at dinner tonight, we see more selfies. Someone using Snapchat, adorning their heads with flowers. The caption beneath the shot might say “Hungry me at restaurant.”😱They were not enjoying their food, only fixated on the funny gestures they were making. 

Which brings me back to Anthony Rizzo. Instead of taking selfies, those girls should have been shouting, Bring me some risotto. 

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26 August 1941: Malta to Gibraltar Sea Route Too Dangerous

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SS Deucalion (1)

SS Deucalion (1)


All sailings from Malta through the western Mediterranean have been cancelled due to the heightened threat of enemy attack and mine damage. Naval Commanders have taken the decision following damage to SS Deucalion which sailed unescorted from the Island today.  She was followed later in the day by the destroyer HMS Farndale which had been undergoing repairs at Malta and could now provide an escort.

In order to escape enemy detection the merchant ship followed a route close to the Tunisian coast but she struck mines which exploded, causing her some damage. Still able to proceed at speed, Deucalion continued westwards but was then tracked and attacked by enemy aircraft. 

Deucalion is the second from July’s Operation Substance convoy to be attacked while attempt a similar passage in the past week. The fast freighter SS Durham sailed unescorted last Thursday under cover of darkness but she also struck mines off the Tunisian coast, although she was able to reach Gibraltar safely on Sunday. 

It is now believed that the Italian air force is fully aware of the vessels’ route and as a result it has been decided to send no further ships from Malta through the western Mediterranean for the foreseeable future.


A crew of RAF 105 Squadron was killed tonight when their Blenheim collided with a target ship during an attack on an enemy merchant vessel off the north African coast. Flight Sergeant Ronald Scott was piloting one of two Blenheims sent to photograph one merchant ship and to attack a second.  Sgt Scott dived low over the vessel to release his bombs on target but the Blenheim hit the ship’s mast and burst into flames.  There were no survivors.

The Blenheim’s crew have been named as Sergeant S G Bastin, Wireless Operator/Air Gunner, and Sergeant Walter B Healy, Observer. The crew arrived at Luqa airfield in July and had already received notice of their return to the UK, having completed their tour of duty in Malta.


Weather  Sunny and hot.    

1705 hrs 15 Macchi 200 fighters are spotted circling 40-50miles north of the Island.   18 Hurricanes are scrambled and successfully intercept the raiders who are in three formations.  One Macchi is destroyed and one probably destroyed.  The Hurricane of Sgt J Maltby fails to return.  An extensive search by Swordfish and Hurricanes finds no trace of his aircraft.   

2244-2326 hrs  Raid no 826 Air raid alert for two enemy BR 20 bombers which approach the Island from the north and cross the coast singly, dropping hundreds of incendiary bombs on the Dockyard Victualling Yard, Boiler Wharf and a nearby depot, as well as Vittoriosa, Marsa, Birkirkara and Hamrun. Most incendiaries were quickly dealt with before they had time to start fires. Hurricane fighters are scrambled. One bomber is illuminated by searchlights and turns away towards the south.  Hurricanes follow and attack; the raider’s rear gunner returns fire but the bomber is badly damaged. The second is illuminated and heads away to the south west where it is engaged by Hurricanes and badly damaged.  The first aircraft is seen to turn upside down and the second begins to lose height, smoking badly.   

Military casualties  Sergeant Stuart G Bastin, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (RAFVR); Sergeant Walter B Healy, RAFVR, 105 Squadron; Sergeant John F E Maltby, RAFVR, 126 Squadron; Flight Sergeant Ronald J Scott, RAFVR, 105 Squadron.


ROYAL NAVY  Deucalion sailed at 1100 for Gibraltar. Farndale sailed at 2000 for Gibraltar. HM Submarine Urge damaged a 5000 ton ship and sank a tanker in a southbound convoy off the west of Sicily.

AIR HQ 69 Squadron Marylands on striking force patrols. Maryland reconnaissance of south Sardinian waters for enemy warships.  Special photoreconnaissance of Calabrian and western Sicilian coasts. 38 Squadron 8 Wellingtons despatched to attack Tripoli in 3 waves.  Most bombs struck the target area, causing fires and damage to buildings. 105 Squadron 2 Blenheims sent to photograph a badly damaged merchant ship east of Kuriat, then to attack another north west of Kerkennah.  Sgt Scott dived to drop two bombs, scoring direct hits on the vessel, but then his aircraft collided with the ship’s mast and burst into flames before hitting the sea. 

FORTRESS ROYAL ENGINEERS  Bomb Disposal UXB dealt with 27 (2kg incendiary).

(1) http://www.wrecksite.eu/wreck.aspx?30638

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Remember on the opening night of last  Democratic National Convention, First Lady Michelle Obama said, “The issues a president faces are not black and white and cannot be boiled down to 140 characters.”

Famously, Twitter master Donald John Trump “tweets” his views many times every day to his numerous followers. Some people believe The Dishonest Don’s brutal, brief bombasts were born, and honed on the mean streets of the Twittersphere, where the 140-character limit on messages leaves little time for social niceties, such as the ALL too familiar, Lyin’ Ted? Little Marco? Crooked Hillary?

Just the necessary shorthand, right?

And the tragedy is, the medium loved him. In just two months, The Weave was mentioned in more than 6 million tweets, three times as many as Hillary Clinton in the same period.

When a message does NOT spawn massive replies and retweets, Carrot Top drops it; however, when a text does resonates with supporters – such as when he accused President Obama and Hillary Clinton of having ulterior motives by NOT calling the Islamic State “Islamic extremists” – he latches on and doesn’t let go. He repeated that particular message four times during and shortly after a 13-minute Oval Office speech by the president.

In addition, Twitter appears to feed Trump’s abiding interest in, guess what, Trump. Obsessed with media coverage of himself, Trump frequently commented on many mainstream pundits who pondered his chances on TV, or in an article, or column written about him. Donnie Boy seems to spend more time in the “notifications” column of Twitter – where people are talking about and directly to him, than anywhere else. NO surprise to this old lobsterman.

And so it goes. Or does it? Trump’s Twitter blitz strategy may falter as we enter the final months leading to the November election. In the weeks after this summer’s Republican and Democratic conventions, Trump’s tweets backfired badly in his highly visible debate with Khizr and Ghazala Khan, the Pakistan immigrant parents of a slain American serviceman. When Trump’s tweets infamously characterized his business activities as “sacrifices” comparable to the Khans’ loss of their hero son, the candidate was roundly chastised by members of his own party as well as by Democrats and Independents.

So, as the greatly anticipated autumn debates loom, and will require ever-more nuanced responses, we’ll see if Tweety Bird abandons his beloved 140-character world, or remains the Twitter master.

I’ll answer that subjectively, Donald John Trump will NOT abandon any of his vile, venomous behavior!

Bank it!!!


Bad, bad, boy, Evan…

Evan Bayh, you’ve joined a long list of blatant hypocrites…

Plus, being a two-time offender of being “inactive” at the voting booths.

Could we see your Driver’s License, Evan?

It ALL comes down to the winnings, right, Captain Renault?


As of yesterday…

Quinnipiac University Poll:

Hillary Clinton passed the 50 percent plateau among American voters, leading Donald Trump 51 percent to 41 percent.
With third-party candidates included, Clinton’s lead gets trimmed to 7 points:

  • Clinton: 45 percent;
  • Trump: 38 percent;
  • Libertarian Gary Johnson: 10 percent;
  • Green Party’s Jill Stein: 4 percent.

On the issue of likeability, 44 percent surveyed said they like Clinton while 47 percent dislike her; 8 percent said they hate her. Meanwhile, 35 percent said they like Trump vs. 53 percent who said they dislike the GOP nominee; 10 percent said they hate him.

Other results from the poll:

  • Clinton leads among women, 60 percent to 36 percent;
  • Trump leads with men, 48 percent to 42 percent;
  • Trump continues to lead among whites, 52 percent to 41 percent;
  • Non-white voters back Clinton 77 percent to 15 percent.

The survey found that 59 percent of the voters said “the way Donald Trump talks appeals to bigotry.”

Quinnipiac University surveyed 1,498 likely voters nationwide from Aug. 18-24. The poll has a margin of error of +/- 2.5 percentage points.


How can any rational human being take this man seriously?

Over the last forty-eight hours, Donald John Trump has been bordering on a complete meltdown…

“Let me just tell you what my policy is…”

“We’re going to build a great wall. The wall going to be paid for by Mexico.”

“Sixteen thousand, five hundred border patrol agents have endorsed Donald Trump. They’ve never before done that to a presidential candidate before…”

“Let me explain. We’re going to build a wall. We’re going to build a real wall. A wall that absolutely works, and they do absolutely work if it’s done properly.”

“We’re going to have borders; very strong borders.”

“The first document I will sign will say, ‘Get the bad ones out of this country, bring them back where they came from.’”

“I’ve had people say it’s a hardening, actually.”

“It could thirty, it could five, no body knows…”

“We know the bad ones. We know where they are.”

“We know the gangs, the heads of the gangs…”

“Jeb Bush wasn’t building a wall. Jeb Bush wasn’t making strong borders…”

“We’re going to deport people. Many, many people.”

“There is no path to legalization, unless they leave the country…”

“…we’re going to that vigorously.”

“We’re going to see what happens once we strengthen up our border…”

“I want to get rid of all the bad ones.”

“The wall is peanuts to the money they make…”

“We’re going to have a border again…”

“But, there is no legalization, there’s no amnesty, and if some body wants to go  legalization route, what they’ll do, go leave the country; hopefully, come back in, and then we can talk.”

Would some one get ahold of Ann  Coulter, so she can explain this whole thing to me.

Anderson Cooper, you poor bastard!